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Interest in the archipelago has led to many new
companies investing and expanding their footprint in
Indonesia. This growth focus has created challenges
in talent management across most industries –
specifically how to recruit, retain and develop
talent in a country anecdotally labelled as "the
missing BRIC."

Banking and Financial Services

The banking sector has both broadened and
deepened and interest rates continue to sink. These
factors have combined to boost the already growing
demand for financial services, from microcredit to
mezzanine finance. Volume of lending continues
to increase in 2012 with loans to SMEs being a
core driver of growth. This is creating a need for
experienced talent across the whole middle and
back office within this sector

Consumer Goods

The FMCG industry is expected to have double
digit growth this year. As the FMCG market in
Indonesia is becoming more appealing, more
foreign direct investment is finding its way to
the country. It is clear that more products will be
produced and pushed to market which is creating
demand for marketing and sales professionals,
coupled with a need for technical skill sets across
manufacturing and supply chain management.
This has a relational impact on companies servicing
this sector.

Information Technology

Improvements in Indonesia's telecoms and ICT
infrastructure are expected to drive long-term
growth in the Indonesian IT services market.
Commercial data centres are being built, linked to
growing rollout by public sector and commercial
organisations of e-government or e-commerce
services. However, most opportunities are still
in fundamental service areas such as system
integration, support systems, training, professional
services, and outsourcing and internet services,
with demand for a mixture of employment types,
from permanent through to contract and
temporary professionals


The growth of the telecommunications industry this
year is estimated to range between 8% to 9%. The
main driving force being competition by five major
carriers of the 10 operators who hold an estimated
90% market share of the telecommunication industry
in Indonesia. The telecommunication industry still
requires a lot of specialised talent due to strong
growth in line with the expansion hence skill sets
such as RF Engineers and other technical services
will continue to be highly prized.


The Indonesian pharmaceutical market is projected
to grow at a high single-digit CAGR in US dollar
terms during the forecast period, and it will be
the sixth largest pharmaceutical market in the
Asia Pacific region by 2016. In 2010, there were
around 250 pharmaceutical manufacturers, with the
vast majority located in Java. Despite the country
possessing huge manufacturing capabilities, the
lack of R&D within local companies could affect the
market, especially if IPR regulations are tightened,
requiring all drugs to be originated in Indonesia.
Potentially this is bad news for multinational
companies but it could potentially reduce costs
in the long term for both the manufacturer and
the consumer. Resultantly the need for R&D talent
will surge as well as that for specialist chemical
manufacturing expertise.


Energy consumption in Indonesia has been increasing
rapidly, to meet the growing demands among
various sectors, in particular the transportation
and manufacturing sector, who boast the highest
consumption levels of all industries. Coal production
is set to surge in 2012 as coal miners bolster their
businesses and several new mines commence
production. Indonesia's production of thermal and
coking coal is forecast to hit 380 million tons in 2012,
up 5.5% on this year's estimate, which will create
demand for all level of mining engineers, health and
safety and environmental specialists
Overall Indonesia can look forward to robust growth
across all their major markets. The challenge will be
the need for highly skilled talent as its position on
the global economic stage is realised.

Occupation Title Experience Salary(years) Min. Annual Salary (in local
currency) Max. Annual Salary (in local currency)


Engineering Manager 10+ 455M 650M
Environment Health & Safety Manager 10+ 390M 585M
Environment Engineer 7+ 130M 195M
Facility Manager 10 + 455M 585M
Field Service Engineer 5+ 65M 104M
Geologist 10+ 520M 975M
Geophysicist 10+ 520M 975M
HVAC Project Manager 10+ 325M 520M
HVAC Service Manager 10+ 260M 455M
Industrial Engineering Manager 10+ 390M 455M
Mechanical Engineer 10+ 130M 325M
Metallurgist 5+ 195M 260M
Mining Manager 10+ 780M 1,300M
Mining Engineer 5+ 260M 325M
Petroleum Engineer 10+ 520M 975M
Project Manager 10+ 520M 1,040M
Sales Engineer 7+ 130M 234M


Manufacturing Engineering Manager 15+ 455M 780M
Materials Manager 7+ 130M 260M
Process Engineer 4+ 65M 130M
Production Engineer 4+ 65M 130M
Project Manager 10+ 260M 455M
Project Engineer 5+ 130M 195M
Purchasing/ Sourcing Manager 7+ 221M 364M
QA Manager 10+ 260M 455M
QA Officer 4+ 65M 130M
R&D Manager 8+ 234M 455M
R&D Engineer 5+ 91M 195M
Supply Chain Manager 10+ 325M 650M
Warehouse Manager 10+ 182M 260M


Accounting Director 12+ 455M 520M
Accounting Manager 10+ 260M 325M
Accounts Payable Manager 7+ 195M 260M
Accounts Receivable Manager 7+ 195M 260M
Audit Director 12+ 520M 780M
Auditor 3+ 91M 130M
Billing Operations Manager 10+ 260M 325M
Business Analyst 7+ 260M 520M
Compliance Senior Manager 10+ 455M 585M
Cost Accountant 5+ 78M 130M
Costing Manager 10+ 260M 390M
Credit & Collections Manager 10+ 260M 390M
Credit & Collections Supervisor 7+ 130M 234M
Credit Manager 10+ 325M 390M
Financial Accountant 8+ 195M 325M
Financial Planning Manager 15+ 455M 650M
Financial Planning & Analysis Manager 12+ 195M 325M
Head of Syariah Compliance 10+ 390M 520M
Head of Treasury 12+ 520M 780M
Insurance and Risk Management Manager 12+ 390M 520M
Management Accountant 10+ 325M 390M
Payroll Manager 8+ 195M 260M
Relationship Manager 7+ 130M 195M
Head of Credit Risk 10+ 325M 520M
Tax Analyst 8+ 195M 260M
Treasury Analyst 8+ 195M 325M
Claims Manager 10+ 260M 390M
Head of Risk 10+ 390M 585M
Accountant 3+ 65M 91M
Finance Director (Banking) 15+ 1,300M 2,340M
Financial Controller (Banking) 12+ 585M 1,040M
Finance Manager (Banking) 12+ 455M 585M
Tax Accountant (Banking) 6+ 130M 195M
Treasury Manager (Banking) 10+ 390M 520M
Tax Manager (Banking) 10+ 325M 455M
Claims Manager (Banking) 10+ 325M 390M
Financial Analyst (Banking) 8+ 234M 325M
Accountant (Banking) 5+ 130M 195M
Audit Manager (Banking ) 10+ 260M 455M
Internal Audit Manager (Banking) 10+ 260M 455M
Finance Director (Commerce and Industry) 15+ 1,040M 1,950M
Financial Controller (Commerce and Industry) 12+ 585M 910M
Tax Director (Commerce and Industry) 15+ 650M 780M
Tax Manager (Commerce and Industry) 10+ 260M 390M
Tax Accountant (Commerce and Industry) 6+ 130M 195M
Finance Manager (Commerce and Industry) 12+ 390M 520M
Treasury Manager (Commerce and Industry) 10+ 325M 455M
Tax Director (Private Practice) 15+ 975M 1,105M
Tax Manager (Private Practice) 10+ 260M 390M
Audit Manager (Private Practice) 10+ 325M 390M
Financial Analyst 8+ 195M 260M


Compensation & Benefits - Head 12+ 455M 910M
Compensation & Benefits - Analyst 5+ 91M 104M
Human Resources Director 15+ 910M 1,950M
HR Director (Local) 15+ 780M 1,625M
HR Manager 12+ 325M 585M
HR Generalist 7+ 130M 234M
HRIS Manager 10+ 390M 455M
Industrial Relations Manager 10+ 260M 455M
Organisational Development Manager 12+ 390M 910M
Recruitment Manager 10+ 195M 325M
Recruitment Lead 5+ 91M 130M
Technical Training Manager 10 325M 455M
Training & Development Director 15+ 520M 780M
Training & Development Manager 10+ 325M 455M


Account Manager / Sales Manager 10+ 30M 325M
Account Manager 10+ 25M 260M
Analyst Programmer / Software Engineer 5+ 10M 65M
Business / Systems Analyst 8+ 20M 195M
Chief Information Officer 15+ 975M 1,950M
Chief Technology Officer 15+ 975M 1,950M
Country Manager 15+ 780M 1,625M
Database Manager 10+ 195M 325M
Database Architect 5+ 65M 130M
Desktop support 5+ 65M 104M
Digital Marketing 10+ 325M 520M
ERP Business Analyst 10+ 325M 455M
Head IT Operations 12+ 520M 650M
Head of Information Systems 12+ 520M 650M
Head of Software Development 10+ 390M 520M
Information Technology Director 15+ 780M 1,300M
Information Technology Manager 10+ 325M 520M
IT Operations Manager 10+ 260M 390M
IT Security Manager 10+ 390M 520M
MIS Manager 10+ 390M 520M
Network Manager 10+ 260M 325M
Program Director 15+ 520M 780M
Program Manager 10+ 260M 390M
Project Manager 10+ 260M 390M
Sales Director 15+ 650M 1,040M
SAP Implementation Consultant 8+ 325M 390M
SAP Project Manager 8+ 390M 455M


Brand / Product Manager 7+ 195M 325M
Business Development Director 15+ 975M 1,170M
Business Development Manager 10+ 455M 585M
Category Management Manager 10+ 325M 520M
Division / Region Merchandise Manager 10+ 325M 455M
Head of Market Research 10+ 325M 650M
Market Research Manager 10+ 325M 455M
Key Account Manager 7+ 195M 260M
Marketing Communications Manager 10+ 455M 585M
Marketing Director 15+ 975M 1,950M
Marketing Manager 12+ 585M 975M
National Key Account Manager 12+ 585M 650M
National Sales Manager 12+ 325M 715M
PR Manager 10+ 325M 520M
Pricing Manager 10+ 260M 325M
Sales & Marketing Director 15 1,040M 1,950M
Sales & Marketing Manager 12+ 585M 780M
Sales Director 15+ 845M 1,625M
Telemarketing Manager 12+ 195M 260M
Trade Marketing Senior Manager 12+ 390M 650M
Web Marketing Manager 12+ 325M 585M



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